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Vision and values

Vision-based Values-driven Purpose-led
We care for our guests, for one another and for the communities in which we live
We care for families, especially the children who will represent us in the future and build on our legacy by the way they live
We care about being hospitable, and about the safety and wellbeing of our guests
We care for our shareholders, not only because of the hard-earned money they invest in our company, but also for the trust they have placed in us
We care for our people, and value their worth and contribution to our business
We care for our suppliers, who we respect and trust to provide us with goods and services of the highest quality

Through dedicated leadership, teamwork and kindness, we will demonstrate our consistent commitment to delivering caring service with style and grace. We will constantly enhance our guests’ experience through our passionate people, ongoing innovation and leading-edge technology.

Our integrity, values and investment in our people and hotels will provide exceptional returns to stakeholders and ensure continued, sustainable growth. Through acts of kindness we will make a positive difference to our guests, our colleagues, our communities and our environment.


Our credo is the outward expression of the inner character of City Lodge Hotels. It represents the collective qualities, both mental and moral, that distinguish us in our marketplace. While our hotels are constructed from bricks and mortar, it is our people, and the relationships they build with other people, that provide the real strength that allows us to grow and prosper.

Ultimately, our purpose is to care – for our countries, for the property of our guests, for our company, and for our environment, which we have a responsibility to preserve for future generations. Above all, we care for people.

This caring heart is embodied in the emotional connection we have with others and which makes us genuinely concerned for their wellbeing, happiness and success.

We serve
We are ordinary people. Every day we accomplish extraordinary things, as ‘people caring for people.’

Our leadership position in the African hospitality sector was not achieved by accident or through good fortune. We are leaders because we are committed to serving others. We strive at all times to understand, support and empathise with our people and to partner with them to ensure they constantly grow, develop and achieve their full potential.

Through our commitment to caring and serving, we are building resilient, empowered and successful communities – not only the communities in which we operate, but also a global community of satisfied guests who choose to return to us again and again. They are served by a hospitality industry community to which we actively contribute and impart skills so that guests enjoy the best experiences with us.

In the end, our success is born out of understanding that we are just ordinary people striving to accomplish extraordinary things. As people caring for people, we will achieve our vision and deliver on our purpose.

In this we will not fail. We care too much!

Every hotel says it is committed to service excellence, but as a group we live that promise.

Thanks to the passion, care and commitment of our highly motivated and dedicated staff, all our hotels have attracted many thousands of loyal business and leisure guests, all of whom trust us to delight them with consistently superior experiences.

It’s what we have done for over three and a half decades and what we will always continue to do.