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Getting back to living

The Covid-19 pandemic changed life as we know it, probably forever.

After the initial shock and uncertainty of early 2020, we quickly pulled together as a group. Teamwork and innovation led the way to embracing the new status quo. While we remain vigilant in the face of each new wave, we have worked hard to keep our doors open and our guests safe and happy.

Covid-19 vaccination rollouts around the globe are encouraging customers to leave their homes and to get back to living life outside the confines of pandemic-enforced isolation. CLHG is ready to welcome all new and returning guests. We used the quieter time to implement several innovations to improve the guest experience:

  • Enhanced health and safety protocols.
    Our Stay Safe stamp of approval provides assurance that our hotels are as safe as possible for staff and guests.
  • Exciting new food offerings.
    We introduced a delicious range of eat-in and ‘grab-and-go’ options, including gourmet pizzas, which our guests love. We also enhanced our bar snack menus complemented with beer on tap, making for a fulfilling meal without overextending our guests’ budget.
  • Digitalisation. Contactless solutions like online check-in, QR codes for menus and WhatsApp communication with staff take the guest experience and our internal operations to a new level and reduce the amount of paper required.
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions.
    We launched a new range of amenities free from single-use plastic and have introduced hydration stations for free magnesium-enriched filtered water, reducing the need to purchase bottled water, as part of our sustainability journey.
  • Exciting perks. Guests can now access our top-of-therange services for less – our WKND Special and #YourPrivateOffice offerings are proving popular.

Our guests’ safety and comfort remain of paramount importance to us. CLHG looks forward to seeing you again and again as you get back to living your best life.

People caring for people – guest feedback

City Lodge Fourways quote

“Normal brand name hotels get overlooked as travellers think they will just be the same all over, but then you find a brand name hotel like City Lodge Hotel Fourways and with the biggest amount of OOMPH – that is the only way to describe it. From the moment we checked in, we were welcomed and greeted with warmth and hospitality. Not the normal ‘fake smile’ you sometimes get, but a true and honest warm welcome. Having all our temperatures checked and following all the relevant Covid-19 rules, a porter helped us to our respective rooms. Meal service was done via an app (well done) and the food was delivered fresh and hot to the room.”
~ Gerhard